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Boost Your results with Creaditor
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Let you create high-converting landing pages for your business with the transformative power of artificial intelligence, effectively turning leads into sales.
Maximize ROI
Lead generation
Lower costs

Maximize ROI with our us

Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze data in real-time and provide feedback to business owners and organizations.

This feedback can be used to enhance the landing page structure, and improve the marketing funnel with a particular focus on the most critical part, the landing page.

Our solution can identify potential issues with the structure, SEO accessibility, and more.

Our solution assists creators while their campaigns are running in real-time, helping them and business owners reach an optimal and precise target audience structure quickly and cost-effectively.


Sales growth is not a goal; it's a way of life for us

Selling is an art, and we are the artists of success


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Our Advantages

Science - Technology - Cognitive biases to effectively turn leads into sales

Super-Fast Drag & Drop Editor

Experience lightning-fast content creation with our drag & drop editor. Effortlessly design and build web pages, emails, or documents by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Learns your business

The system learns your business, branding, and audience using artificial intelligence and crafts a page like a personal designer.

Service and Support Experience

We will be available for you for any question or request, so you can be at ease and focus on what truly matters to you. Give us a try

Who we are?

With over a decade of experience
in the field of landing pages and marketing.
Creaditor is your go-to solution
for efficient and impactful landing page creation. Founded by Assaf Stern and driven by the creative prowess of Adi Levi,
we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the process and save you precious time,
technological know-how, and resources.

Our Mission,
At Creaditor, we recognize the common challenge faced by businesses: the need for landing pages that convert. We've designed an innovative solution to address this challenge and empower your business to succeed in the digital world.

How it works

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